libopenmpt  0.7.0-pre.10+r17981
cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files


Packaging recommendations for distribution package maintainers

  • libopenmpt (since 0.3) uses SemVer 2.0.0 versioning. See Clause 4 is ignored for libopenmpt, which means that libopenmpt will also provide API/ABI compatibility semantics for pre-1.0.0 versions as required by SemVer 2.0.0 only for post-1.0.0 versions. The SemVer versioning scheme is incompatible with Debian/Ubuntu package versions, however it can easily be processed to be compatible by replacing '-' (hyphen) with '~' (tilde). It is recommended that you use this exact transformation if required.
  • Use the autotools source package.
  • Use the default set of dependencies required by the autotools package.
  • Read Statically linking to libopenmpt and thus possibly pass CXXSTDLIB_PCLIBSPRIVATE variable to configure if appropriate and/or desired.
  • Run the test suite in your build process.
  • Send any build system improvement patches upstream.
  • Do not include the libmodplug emulation layer in the default libopenmpt binary package. Either do not package it at all, or provide a separate package named libopenmpt-modplug or libmodplug-openmpt (or similar), which depends on libopenmpt, provides libmodplug, and conflicts with original libmodplug.
  • Split openmpt123 into its own binary package because it has more dependencies than libopenmpt itself.
  • Consider providing an additional openmpt123 package (in addition to the default openmpt123 package with all audio output drivers), built with fewer audio output drivers so it does not transitively depend on X11. Name that package and its executable openmpt123-nox (or whatever else may be common practice in your distribution).