libopenmpt  0.7.0-pre.10+r17981
cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files

OpenMPT, libopenmpt, openmpt123, xmp-openmpt and in_openmpt are developed in the Subversion repository at Patches can be provided either against this Subversion repository or against our GitHub mirror at

We do not have a developer mailing list. Discussions about new features or problems can happen at:

For patch submissions, please also see OpenMPT style guide and libopenmpt style guide.

Contributing via GitHub

As OpenMPT is developed in a Subversion repository and the GitHub repository is just mirrored from that, we cannot directly take pull requests via GitHub. We recognize that, especially for tiny bug fixes, the burden to choose a different way than GitHub for contributing can be too high. Thus, we will of course react, give feedback, and take patches also via GitHub pull requests. However, as the GitHub repository is strictly downstream from our Subversion repository (and this will not change, due to considerable complications when synchronizing this two-way), we cannot directly merge pull requests on GitHub. We will merge contributions to our Subversion repository, which will then in turn be mirrored to GitHub automatically, after which we will close the pull request. Authorship attribution in git relies on the email address used in the commit header, which is not how it usually works in Subversion. We will thus add an additional line to the commit message in the form of Patch-by: John Doe <>. If you prefer to be attributed with your nickname and/or without your email address, that would also be fine for us.