libopenmpt  0.7.0-pre.10+r17981
cross-platform C++ and C library to decode tracked music files
OpenMPT Style Guide


Note: This applies to all source code except for libopenmpt/ and openmpt123/ directories. Use libopenmpt style otherwise.

(see below for an example)

  • Place curly braces at the beginning of the line, not at the end
  • Generally make use of the custom index types like SAMPLEINDEX or ORDERINDEX when referring to samples, orders, etc.
  • When changing playback behaviour, make sure that you use the function CSoundFile::IsCompatibleMode() so that modules made with previous versions of MPT still sound correct (if the change is extremely small, this might be unnecessary)
  • CamelCase function and variable names are preferred.

OpenMPT code example

void Foo::Bar(int foobar)
// some code